Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Welcome to my new blog!!

Hi! I'm Shawne Alexis, AKA Shawnie. Thanks for stopping by and visiting me!

I recently got bitten by the blogging bug after watching my mom do it (you can find a link to her blog in the sidebar). I love to write, and blogging looked like a lot of fun, so I asked Mommy if I could have a blog. At first she said no, but I kept asking until she said yes! (I'm very persistent that way.) She showed me how to set up my blog, helped me choose a name for it, and then showed me a way cool site with all kinds of neat blog backgrounds you can use for free. And now here I am!

Here's some stuff you should know about me:
1. I live in the country with my mommy (her name is Jen) and my brothers and sisters. At last count there were 51 of us, all Cabbage Patch Kids. We also have two dogs, two cats, and a horse. One of the cats is mine; her name is Lola and she's a siamese cat. She's super sweet, very playful, and loves to curl up with me when I watch TV. I want to get a bunny too, but my mom says she doesn't want the place becoming a zoo. I've got my fingers crossed though!
2. My best friend in the whole world (after Mommy, that is) is my sister Tiffany Reece. She also has a pet - a very cute beagle named Austin. Austin and Lola get along surprisingly well, as long as Austin doesn't try to take Lola's cat toys.
3. My favourite food is peanut butter; apparently this is something I get from Mommy, who says that peanut butter should be its own food group. My favourite cereal is Reese Puffs, which is chocolate puffs and peanut butter puffs all together in one box. YUM!
4. I love to do crafts, especially with Mommy. She teaches Sunday School and comes up with the best ideas for her class to do, and lots of times I get to do the same crafts if Mommy has leftover supplies. Mommy's going to teach my how to scrapbook too. I even have my album already - it's very cute and girly, just like me!
5. I love, love, love anything with teddy bears. Especially stickers. My scrapbook is going to have lots of teddy bear stuff in it. Mommy's bought me lots of teddy bear stickers, and she has teddy bear stuff of her own. She also likes teddy bears. Mommy made me a box to keep all my stickers in that she decorated with all kinds of different teddy bear stickers. It's so cool!
6. My favourite website to visit is the CPK Kids Only Club. It's a message board just for Cabbage Patch Kids. We do lots of fun stuff there, like games, contests and just chatting. All the members have royal titles; my is Shawne, Wild Rose Princess. Cool, huh? This summer we're going to have a pageant (think Miss America). It's going to be fun, and I can't wait!
7. I love clothes and dressing up. Mommy says I'm a little clothes horse (she should know - she is too, LOL); I say I'm a fashionista in the making. My favourite outfit is my pink Hello Kitty t-shirt and my blue denim skirt.
8. I love to listen to music and dance. My favourite singer right now is Taylor Swift. She is SO awesome! My favourite song is "Love Story".
9. My favourite colour is pink. Most of my clothes are pink. Most of the scrapbook stuff Mommy has bought for me is also pink. When I do crafts, I tend to pick stuff that's pink. And did you happen to notice what the main colour in my blog background is? In a perfect world, everything would be pink!
10. My secret dream is to travel the world. I would love to go to Europe with Mommy some day, especially if we could go visit some of the place she went to when she was in Grade 12.

Well, that's all for now!
Hugs, Shawnie